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Senior purchaser at Volvo Group Merchandise Services

Camilla is senior purchaser on textile products. She is a passionate member of the Volvo Group Merchandise Services family with her heart in sustainability questions, fair production and good living conditions for people in production. The garments should also add up to tough standards in quality and of course look great. Get to know her work better in this short pulse-check. The images are from Camillas journey to the production site in India.

How do you work on sustainability and environmental issues?

This is something on which we are incredibly focused. I have been involved since the start in 2008 and I have been working to put sustainability on the agenda. We have done some fantastic development and we are proud that we are currently able to offer an almost total GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and GRS (Global Recycle Standard) accredited textile range.

The farmers get education and help how to grow cotton without pesticides and GMO.

Panna Bheem Bai, Pioneer Fairtrade farmer, for 10 years.


     Producing a new t-shirt takes just two litres of water instead of 2,000 litres



Can you give us a concrete example of how you are making a difference?

Well, one new feature this year is that we are collecting the waste from cotton production for t-shirts and polo shirts and re-using it with recycled PET bottles. This results in a mixture of recycled cotton and polyester with really wonderful quality. As both materials are recycled, producing a new t-shirt takes just two litres of water instead of 2,000 litres!

How do you ensure that the production is following the certification requirements?

We are working very closely to our supplier partners so we can ensure the right decisions throughout the purchasing process and supply chain. Together with our partners we are also doing regular visits to the factories in India. We are also very proud that we are contributing to the living wages initiative. This means that the workers in the factories, mostly women from an unprivileged background, gets payed extra in order to compensate the difference between minimum wage and living wage.

Production process: sewing.

Production process: quality checking.

Production process: finishing - trimming and cleaning.



Want to learn more about our work on sustainability? 

Read all about our concept and the certifications used to continousely improve quality, safety and environmental care in our line of operations. 

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