Kids are fantastic.

Small individuals filled up with energy, laughter and play. Intense with their own ways and character. This new Renault Trucks Kids Collection boasts of a line allowing kids to be kids. Playful design in combination with comfortable and robust materials. We care for the junior wearing these clothes and we care for earth resources, making the choice to use organic cotton in this collection easy.

  • Total: 10
  • Renault Trucks Super Trucky Soft Toy

    26.00 EUR

  • Renault Trucks Pacifier (2-pack)

    17.00 EUR

  • Renault Trucks Football (5-pack)

    76.00 EUR

  • Renault Trucks Kids Ride On

    94.00 EUR

  • Renault Trucks Feline Kids Tee

    21.00 EUR

  • Renault Trucks T-Rex Kids Hoodie

    49.00 EUR

  • Renault Trucks Feline Kids Cap

    13.00 EUR

  • Renault Trucks Kids Soft Toy

    27.00 EUR

  • Renault Trucks Sandpit Toy

    29.00 EUR

  • Renault Trucks T-Rex Kids Tee

    21.00 EUR

  • Total: 10

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